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An Personal barber curator at the tip of your fingers.

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The Problem

As A Solution

How Might We?

Hello everyone, meet Joey. For the last year Joey has been having difficulty finding the perfect barber that meets his needs. Since not been able to find the perfect barber, Joey has been cutting his own hair and it isn’t turning out the way he wants it to be.

Introducing Gents Barbershop App - A Personal barber curator at the tip of your fingers.

How might we reduce the wait time or eliminate walk-ins for getting a haircut at the barbers, so that it puts the customer at ease knowing his spot is reserved?

How might we efficiently find an easy way to pay our barbers, so that we are always confident that we can pay for the service?

How might we help customers find the right barber based on their specifications, so that it reduces the risk of a bad barber experience?


Who struggles with finding a barbershop in a new town or city?

Men who just moved to a new town or city and are looking for a new, talented and trust worthy barber. Who provides various services.

Average Ages of Barber clients:

18-29: 20%

30-39: 40%

40-49: 15%

50-64: 15%

5 and over: 10%

The average person who moves to a new city or town is part of a couple between the ages of 18-34 and has one or two kids. Most people who move are young.

Main factors for finding a good barber.


One of the biggest reasons to choose a barbershop over a salon is that barbers specialize in men’s hairstyles. To achieve top-quality results, the person completing the cut needs in-depth knowledge of the techniques involved. A barber’s main focus is men’s styles, and their training ensures you leave looking dapper.


Cosmetologists and barbers also differ in the tools they use. At a salon, the stylists are trained to cut hair with scissors. While this is very useful for longer styles, it doesn’t provide the crisp finish needed for most men’s haircuts. Fortunately, barbers learn to cut with hair clippers, which yield precise edges.

Additional Services

Barber Shops also offer a variety of grooming services that cater to the needs of men specifically. Such services include close shaves, beard maintenance, and mustache grooming. Most salons don’t offer these services, so by choosing a barbershop for your haircut, you can get all of your grooming needs met in one convenient appointment. 4.

Barbershop Therapy

In addition to getting your haircut, grooming or maintenance. Men also go to see barbershops for therapy. The barbershop in any community has historically been a safe, nonjudgmental space for men to talk about anything—sports, politics, religion, women, manhood. The 90-minute conversations about mental health, called Beyond the Shop, are an opportunity to deepen sharing that is already happening.

Top of the line hair products

Most salons will only have basic styling products, such as shampoos and gels. If you’re after a high quality hair product to use, you could be out of luck.Many barbershops carry specialty men’s hair products, like pomades and mousses. Best of all, the barbers will be able to help you decide which product you should get.

How do men currently find a new barber in a new town or city?

The first step is, of course, to find yourself a barber. If you are like most men (and how I started off), you might just head off to whatever shop is nearest and does not necessarily require an appointment. But those types of shops usually come and go and don’t really do a professional job.

Alternatives to finding a barber

The second option would be asking people you trust, and you have seen how their haircuts look over time – odds are, if you like how there’s consistently look, they have a barber you may want to check out.
The final option would be starting with the Internet – review sites such as Yelp or Google that can help you to narrow down the likely candidates.

Affinity Map

Empathy Map

Think and Feel?

I want a well old school experience barber, who will provide all barber services.

I want to be able to read customer experiences.

Iam worried my haircut wont turn out well.

I want my haircut to turn out perfect.

I want a detail oriented barber.


“How do you filter barber services?”

“Do you read customer reviews or look at the photos?”

“How to do you pay the barber?”

“How do you book the barber?”


Number of customer reviews.

Customer photos of there haircuts.

Nearest barber locations.

Barber biography

Filter and Sort barber services.

Say and Do?

I want to read customer reviews.

Where is the nearest barber?

I want to be able to read customer experiences.

How do I pay my barber?

How do I book future appoinments?


Number of customer reviews.

Has trouble finding the perfect barber

Looking for an old school barber

Has trouble finding a barber who specializes in fadding


I want to read customer reviews.

Finding a local experienced barber

Being able to pay the barber through the app

Book future appointments

User Persona


“I want to find the a local and well experienced
barber that provide old-school barber services.”

Age: 30
Gender: Male
Status: Married
Archetype: The Explorer


Finding a local experienced barber who provides old school barber services and can do really good fades.


Finding a local experienced barber

Being able to pay the barber through the app

Book future appointments

App Map


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