UX, UI, Brand & Identity Design

Did you know that 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime? That's about 10 million dogs a year. Do you also know that over 54% of the pets living in the United States are either overweight or have some sort of illness such as diabetes? As pet owners, it is our job not to neglect them but to love them as one of our own.

As a result, I decided to design and build an app for day-to-day pet owners, which provides them the tools they need to help them make sure their pets are healthy and safe.

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• User Research

• Branding and Identity

• Interaction Design

• Wireframing

• Prototyping

• UI Design

• UX Design

• Visual Direction

• Copy Writing


• Adobe Photoshop CC

• Adobe Illustrator CC

• Balsamiq Mockups

• Invision App